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Sololearn PRO or not

I'm a beginner, I started a week ago. Please i need suggestions. I really want to become a professional in programming. Thanks in anticipation

12/30/2018 7:52:06 PM


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Ads it is not problem. I think free verion is ok. I dont have to see who watched me or who is near. So free version is enough for learning


Koketso Dithipe can you please list the added values for the PRO version?


🐲JTLZ 🐲 [#Never Give Up!] Thanks so much.


Thanks Koketso Dithipe


You'll be able to set a Daily learning goal for yourself You'll see Personalized activity insights and your standing within the community You'll be able to see people who have viewed your profile You'll be able to see who's leaning nearby You won't experience any ads


You can try it for free and decide after experiencing it


In my opinion, it is worthy. Some ads are inappropriate😞


Could you be more clear? I don't understand on what do you need suggestions .


Did you mean that Is SoloLearn will teach you be a pro? SoloLearn gives you basic stuffs for a lot coding languages. But if you want more resources, you can search resources in the search bar and it will show some post says resources. Inside people posted many websites or apps for you to learn more. Good luck! Happy learning and happy coding!