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Do programmers need html language

True or not html language must be truly mastered by programmers

12/29/2018 9:14:42 PM


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Why not learn HTML? It’s easy to learn. You’ll understand the very basics of building a website. It will not take a lot of your time to learn and you’ll have another coding skill. Just because HTML isn’t programming, it still is useful to know as a basic skill.


Depends on what you program. For instance if you’re a front end web developer you’ll need to know how to use html & css but if you’re lets say a data scientist you at least usually don’t need html to anything.


If you are a web developer - yes.




not really unless to do web developing stuff. but its easy to learn and mess around in so it doesn’t hurt to learn it.


Frontend- yes Backend- not really but in my opinion, they should know the basic of HTML


For web developing yes


Its a good starting language as its very easy to learn


Yes it's true that all programmers are required to master html language. For achieving their goals, objectives & aspirations. To take their chances of taking up Trendy new career opportunities. To battle future projects & task. 😑 🙄 🤣 😀 👍🎉💐🍁😂🤳🎓😍😍😎


it's a good starting point, easy to understand and very worthy of a language. The web means everything to developers and #HTML is web. forever will never be obsolete. but you've an option to skip it if you don't and will never design for the web.




It depends on what you do


Yes,if develop the website


Jason Guo explain stupid please...


html is not a programming langauge it is a markup langauge but if u a web developer u need it sure


False that depends on what you have to do


it depends on your requirement and projects if you are working in a software company then you don't need to know HTML. but if you are freelancer then you may fall into situation where you need to apply HTML knowledge.


You'll soon discover that HTML and CSS are the most widely-used languages once you enter the programming world.


For web design, yes.


If you want to be web developer you should know HTML and HTML is very easy and if you know HTML you can easily understand other languages as you can relate to HTML and learn