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Online coding business with Payoneer

Is there any business man who is a Payoneer user for online business? I mean I wanted to know how it works?

12/26/2018 4:12:26 PM

Abel Dagnew

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Abel I think they do provide a world wide service and you can get the card via postal once you have 30$ in your account. am not sure but I saw an Ethiopian made video saying it is possible and you can transfer your money to you local bank account or withdraw money via ATMs ( in Ethiopia ) with the payoneer card. And I suggest PayPal for online payments cuz I think it's the most popular but it's not available to receive payments directly to Ethiopia, but I think you can link the payoneer master card to your PayPal account and use PayPal for payments and payoneer as a bridge to local( Ethiopia) bank.


Wait, are you asking if anybody of us here is using Payoneer service? I am using it, but without card, I accept payments on payoneer and transfer it to my bank account directly.


We had different problem just few years before, only way we could receive money was per bank transfer and that cost the receiver a lot. Now Payoneer + local bank take around 3% per transaction which is unbelievable good. I think you should look for a Facebook page related to Payoneer in your country, I know we have it here also and there you can ask everything you want to know about it.


I don't know about card, but why not?


Payoneer provides online payment platform and I wondered if anyone is using it here at SoloLearn.


Nice. How did you receive your Mastercard?


There are some online sites that do not accept wire transfer. In my country, its possible to accept money internationally but not send. It's affecting young people here who could become enterprenuer online, I guess.


Thanks de do I'll check out their fb page, and reach them


Alfa Melake thanks bro.


How were you or the people you know able to withdraw the money? I mean does they really provide world-wide service?


de do what if you want to make a payment? Are you still able to do it without a card?