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Help needed

I'm learning to code CS for like 10days now and I only have one lesson to study in the course yet I'm not able to code. Give me some suggestions to how to advance Plz

12/23/2018 1:00:15 PM


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try the challenges in SoloLearn and try to solve them using C# that will give u something to practice. And you'll find lots or problems online or in books to solve...



But on what ? What should i even code, any examples you could give me ?


Thanks to all of you that responded to me, You have encouraged me alot to practise and not be ashamed of my worl(that really sucks :)) and share everyting because that is the way others will be able to help you. I am very soon going to be posting a code in this qna. Any suggestions that i could do?(beginner)


If you want to advance try making a small project and break it down into small steps. Example I would like to make a game where the player moves back and forth to dodge obstacles. First step: how do I detect when the player hits the A key. Second step: how do I get the player to move to the left when A key is pressed. So and and so forth.