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Study session/habit

Hey guys wanted to know what are your study habits when it comes to learning a programming language. As well as maybe a few tips on how to get better.

12/22/2018 6:45:24 PM


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1.) Learn new aspects of your language; 2.) write codes deliberately using what you learned; 3.) keep going.




i have a bit of that i put in 1 hour a day 5 days a week. but my biggest issue is that i dont know if i am studying correctly


oh ok honfu thank you all apply that now. what i did before was when learning new aspect of that code i try to memorize it and try it inside the “try it yourself” tab


So you already did the most important things: learn something new and use it! Problem is that the brain also forgets, so you got to make sure you KEEP using what you've learned. If you regularly write code (you should!), some things like loops or conditions or functions will be repeated over and over without you consciously trying. On the other hand, things you use more rarely you might forget, so at least for these it make sense to establish a repetition regime (repeat after doubling time interval).