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HTML Document as a Desktop ScreenSaver

I work at a Chickfila and I am incharge of our new hire training process from onboarding to finalization. My newfound passion for coding has a lot of useful applications in my current role, for example I am thinking of an idea. We have this sleek computer up front that allows our leaders can use if they need it. Well my plan is to create an html doc that serves as eithef thd background image or the screen saver f9r the desktop. I would like to store this doc on google drive abd then just update it remotely. Is this possible and if so then how?

12/22/2018 2:48:57 PM

Phillip Mark England

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Yes, 1. In background options(depending on os version) you can select a webpage 2. A web page shown in full screen mode and computer screen off set to never 3. Screen saver, yes, but a little more work 4. A full screen desktop app, just showing contents from some web server url And many more