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pyhton strings

i still dont understand python strings. lets say if i do a simple line of code, etc. print ("hello") why would i then have to put this under the line of code print("hello") "hello" it seems pointless, i must be missing something. can anyone help?

12/21/2018 10:11:19 PM


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>print("hello") >"hello" unlike what you're thinking ,this is isn't two lines of code,its a line of code..followed by its output,thats how codes in the lessons are structured


Where did you take this from? You don't have to put anything besides the print method. Maybe you misunderstood something :)


Pay attention to the symbol ">>>" in the code. This is the user input character of the Python console.


the python lesson called strings gives me the impression that its needed/done by other people


>>>" "