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What does Stored Procedures and views mean?

Hey, I just started learning SQL here and in the definition I came across a line that said 'SQL can create stored procedures and views'. Can anyone tell me what do Stored procedures and views mean? thanks


12/19/2018 7:23:44 AM

Kashyap Maheshwari

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Hey! 1. View: A view is a virtual table based on the result-set of an SQL statement. A view contains rows and columns, just like a real table. 2. Stored procedure: A stored procedure is a set of SQL commands like INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, DROP... It's pretty useful for automation for example.


Thank you for the answer :) r8w9


Stored procedure is a compiled file of set of instructions supported by sql.(it has a lot of advantages than function) View is just a compiled file of a select query only. To make your select query faster we prefer to create view.


A view will still return 1 data set, similar to a table, but can be made up of many underlying sources. For example, a view can return fields from 1 source, or many sources. Create View Example: create view view_name as select a.column1, b.column2 from table_name as a left join table_name as b on a.primary_key = b.primary_key The select statement for a view is the same as a table: Table Example: Select * From Table View Example: Select * From View Stored Procedures can automate tasks. For example, a stored procedure can run daily and can load SQL Tables. Procedures can be run by daily "Jobs" and can be set to run based on data driven requirements, or at a certain time. So for example: 1) A procedure is built and set to execute at 5am and load a table 2) At 5am procedure executes and loads table 3) Table is now loaded with yesterdays data 4) A view is queried at 7am that references that table 5) The view returns updated data since the underlying table is updated