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Which is better SQL server or my SQL

12/18/2018 12:36:47 PM

Hafsa Mohamed

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Mysql is the best👆


It's depend on in which language you are master in. I think so Because both are good at some places


SQL is best for learning MySQL has best compatibility with most languages, but it is easy to hack!! SQL is tough to use with languages,but once successfully configured is almost impossible to hack!!


Mysql is good enough for most applications.




I thinks that Mysql is best to understand sql language




I work with mainly engines ( SqlLittle, Oracle, MySql, DB2, MsSQL, PostgreSql..) also some nosql like CouchBase and MongoDB I think most complete is PostgreSql. It's opensource and have modular capabilities to compute geospatial info (GIS) using sql syntax. Usefull, for example, if your backend manage maps, waypoints, routes...



That depends on what you are trying to do and what is most important to you. If you want to support the Open Source community, MySQL is the clear winner. You can dig into all aspects of the database and see exactly how things like the optimizer and database engine work since the code is available. SQL Server is made by Microsoft and the source code is locked. On the other hand, SQL Server has a more robust set of functions and extensions to the SQL language. It has a better optimizer, more indexing options, and a good visual explain plan for queries. All of these features make it a strong choice for large datasets or enterprise environments. MySQL and especially the offshoot MariaDB are getting stronger in these areas though. They have a few functions such as Group_Concat that don't exist in SQL Server that can be incredible useful. If you learn SQL well, you can use both databases easily. I use SQL Server often at work and MariaDB for my personal projects and websites.


Sql is a very large and powerful database application in the world!!!