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Code of submit button

how to write a code which give me submit button on my page

1/9/2017 4:47:45 PM

Shivam Mishra

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<input type="submit" hint="Submit">


@visph it's something like "placeholder" for earlier versions of HTML……


<button type="submit">submit </button> [edit]: if you want this to work you have to put it inside a form


@ValentinHacker: From where comes this attribute 'hint'? Do you have ( serious ) references to it? I didnt find anything about ^^ @Shivam Mishra: You can customize the text value of the submit button, with the 'value' attribute of the <input> tag ( else it will be filled automatically -- but you cannot be sure it will display the same message everywhere... for example, the french translation of the text content is the word for 'validate' in Chrome-Android, where the translation of 'send' would probably have been more appropriate: in french, litteral translation of 'submit' is'nt a lot used in this acceptance ).