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Infinite Scrolling Like Facebook

I am making a website in php mysql but I wanna infinite scrolling of my web and new content start displaying when I scrolled at bottom.anyone has its code share me pls.

1/9/2017 12:24:28 PM

Rahul Vashisth

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Learn Ajax…


I would not write the code for you, but it can be doing with php and js ( and knowlenge of html/css )... You need to manage the display dynamicaly ( client side, with js ) at same time you manage communication of data on demand from client to server: this is here that comes 'ajax'. Ajax is accronym for Asynchronious JAvascript and Xml ); behind this barbarian name hides the combination of a set of technologies for simplify data exchange handling without a new web page request. The essential component to known in JS is the XMLHttpRequest ( XML is the default structure used by Ajax, but can handle simple text, so can handle any text format, within the most useful for JS is JSON...

+1 need to use "Anguler JS" framework then 😉


would you like to share code


can't we do it with php query or js