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negative number within a root

I'm doing a code that can calculate the zeros of a polynomial of second degree but when there is a solution where the root is negative I throw error and I know that it can be solved with a "try" but I do not know exactly how This is my code import math as m def cuadratica(a,b,c): r1 = (-b+m.sqrt(b**2-(4*a*c)))/(2*a) r2 = (-b-m.sqrt(b**2-(4*a*c)))/(2*a) r3=-b/2*a if b**2 > 4*a*c: print("la primera solucion es "+str(r1)+"la segunda es"+str(r2)) if b**2 == 4*a*c: print("la unica solucion es "+str(r3)) if not b**2 > 4*a*c and not b**2 > 4*a*c: print("no hay solucion") cuadratica(6,6,2)

12/12/2018 3:53:37 PM

Sergio D. Medina

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You can try using cmath module import cmath print(cmath.sqrt(-4)) #2j


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