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Sololearn Didn't support wifi?

If i use my internet connection, it works fine But use wifi, "No Internet Connection, Try Again" Do you face the same problem? How to you handle it?

12/11/2018 11:35:33 AM

Jingga Sona

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Yeah I Am Also Facing With This Problem!!! SoloLearn Has To Fix This Bug!!!


I use WiFi and Sololearn works fine.


No, i connect exclusively through that. But, without additional info it's difficult to pinpoint what's the issue. Perhaps, check if sololearn is blocked due to some reason. Change your DNS provider. Try using a VPN (If it connects, probably your service provider has blocked it. In that case, contact them) Someone had mentioned a similar issue on discord.


In the morning, connection is faster compared to the evening and at night


I have this problem since three days on both networks WIFI & data


I'm on Android. It works intermittently. Are you on iOS?


Janning⭐ i'm on android too


Rough. Not sure that I have surefire ways of handling it myself. Sorry. 😢


This is what I have noticed in the last several days. The connection drops intermittently without regard to network or connection type. I attribute it to a n infrastructure that may be slightly burdened. Hang in there it is not just you.


Rus Pok , Please don't spam. 😊 If you have something relevant to contribute to the conversation, we welcome it. 🙂


No It works by my wifi connection on an android device.


I have the problem the other way around, if I am using Wi-Fi and my network crashes it won't switch to mobile network until I disable Wi-Fi...


it doestn't work some times