which language is best for carrier for fresher.....????

hello friends.... which language is best for carrier for fresher .... 1)java 2)php 3)python....???

12/10/2018 12:04:02 PM

Love Barot

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According To Me You Can Get Started With Python As Its Syntax Is Easiest To Understand!


You can go to a popular site in your region, where the employer puts out job offers. Find the most popular technology (language) for junior positions. And study it! Because the popularity of the language and the number of vacancies on it are not the same.


As being Fresher Instead of c c++ java you go towards the python. the syntax, usability, sustainability, code size is always being plus point for you. also now python is going to replace all the popular languages so i suggest go for the python


First of all, You have to think what is interesting for you. Then learning will be much nicer. ;)


Bro for me , I think the php is the best for this .


for learning php you must have knowledge about Html Css and Javascript .