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What are alternatives to GitHub? What are their advantages


12/5/2018 5:19:38 AM

3 Answers

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I personally use gitlab instead and it seems to be at least as good as github, although I've never tried it. The advantages of online git repositories are that you can make your code available for download and other people can participate. Also users can report bugs and gitlab even allows you to host static websites for free (There are more reasons but these are the most significant I think). Additionally git is a very useful VCS. Btw. I can recommend you Atom as code editor if you want to work with git


That is just a ridiculous assumption that GitHub is not good, seriously try it and you will love it ! And also it had the largest community of Developers so Code gets more views and more the fans and plus more people get to see your code and more bugs found. Seriously try it, if you hate it then contact me at [email protected] and I will give you a free .com or .org domain if you prove me wrong, and also I will pay for your hosting fees for Life. I am so into GitHub, try it. If you ever dont like I then you always have a bone to pick with me.


ANIMESH HAWLADAR no one here assumed GitHub is not good. I've used both GitLab and GitHub a lot over the past months and both have their advantages. GitHub is more popular and GitLab has more features, a better UI and an open source backend. After using both I must say GitLab is the slightly better tool in my opinion but of course GitHub is very usable as well.