I suddenly logged into other's account

I had a terrible thing just happened. When I opened Sololearn, I suddenly logged into someone else's account. I quit and log in again to re-enter my account, but I searched. I didn't find this account(Nico E.). I met the ghost? and how to upload picture? https://postimg.cc/0bYyP4jH this is a picture

12/4/2018 11:30:18 PM


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blackwinter: already sent


It's a wired issue I have ever seen in SoloLearn!! You should immediately inform it to SoloLearn outhority via mail!! info@sololearn.com And you can try the following tutorial. https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/1054246/?ref=app Or you should copy the second link "Direct Link" then paste it into <img src="link">!


AL Araf: thanks


Seniru Pasan: I don't know


I will


Somebody has entered into your computer and did some weird stuffs ?


Send a report to sololearn, maybe its a bug that can be fixed.


If you find a solution post it here just to know.