C challenges useless?

When you see Quizzes in C challenge, mostly all about pointers. How important is the pointer is until all the challenge mostly uses pointer? Please. C is not only about pointers.

12/4/2018 11:14:22 AM


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I agree with C++ Soldier (Babak) about dont take challenges to seriously. Sometimes appear challenges that torture you mind for no reason (they don't teach or exercise any knowledge). Probably this why pointers are popular in challenges. People are just trying to elevate artificial difficulty instead of showing why pointers are interesting concept. This is just my opinion. Ps: oh soldier i see you are a mod now. Congratulations.


"C challenges useless?" I would advise, don't take the challenge section too seriously. Conversely, I highly encourage you to master C language if you love it. The best-known way to do so is to get the famous `K&R book` which is the bread and butter for learning C language deeply. Of course, this is my opinion! Also, consider the below line Opinion-based/open-ended discussions always go to the user's feed section because there's no fact, reference, or specific expertise for the topic. _____ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_C_Programming_Language


ShortCode I don't think C language is useless in challenges too there have many question like about macros, sizeof, increment decrement, structure, union, array, malloc, calloc, function ect many topics are cover in the C challenges and if you know some new topics challenges you can submit or suggest here what other challenges do you want to see sololearn will add them too. Secondally quizzes are submitted from users so you can't complain about that because quizzes submitted with their knowledge and approved by sololearn You can give suggestion or feedback to sololearn at info@sololearn.com for what type of quizzes should be need to add in C quizzes


Pointer is the soul of C language but at the same time, exaggeration of pointers in challenges may lead to confusion. So focus on the basics first.


Many thank to my dear Anya 8) Glad to see you again. It's nice to see that you pointed out to "People are just trying to elevate artificial difficulty instead of showing why pointers are interesting concept." Thank you again. 🌹




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