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Any suggestions for older learners changing careers?

I'm an older learner (50+). I am pursuing a new web development and program manager career path (my previous career was in non-IT healthcare business project management). Are there other older learners pursuing career changes who have suggestions or guidance for success? Suggestions from younger learners are equally welcome and appreciated! PS: I am amazed at and thankful for the internationally talented learners and leaders I follow! I have learned so much from them!

12/3/2018 9:48:04 AM


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Rstar, that was an interesting link to read, thanks! Most of what is written there was a bit different topic-wise though - more about if you can learn AT ALL when you're a bit older. And yeah, obviously you can start piano, violin or ballet with 60 and make progress and have fun. It's not the same as becoming good enough to sell your skill.


I'm also interested in that. I am 41 and haven't done anything computer-related before I started with Python sometime in early spring of this year. Is it possible as an 'old' newbie to reach a level that's workable or is the whole coding business one more thing you better had started as a five year old?