What is the use of a Null Character("\0"). Is it used in all object oriented programming ?

12/2/2018 5:07:45 PM

$oftware Geek

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ashutosh gupta Do you mean it does not allow the junk values and limits the string to what user has input...?


I agree Haroon Ali because I didnt understand the way they explained in the other pages thinking that someone would post which would be easier to understand. But in turn I just got the links which even I could check myself....😑😑


TurtleShell so its mean we are not allowed to ask any question which answer we already don't know?? if someone knows the answer then why should he post it for time waste?? huh....!!!!


“\0” null character is basically use to mark the termination of string .string characters are ended by using this null character


Now are you able to understand it?


Please do some research before posting next time https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Null-terminated_string https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2037209/what-is-a-null-terminated-string


Didnt intend for the comment to be mean. Its much faster to just google questions as most of which you have will be answered on Stackoverflow or have a wikipedia article. I also do not understand why you are so mad as I did gave you resources that explain what "\0" is.