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What is the real meaning of "pointer in the c programming"

which part of programming i can use it frequently?

12/1/2018 7:29:45 PM

Sonu Kumar

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pointer is a variable that contains the address of another variable. consider the following code snippets: int a=5; int *ptr=&a;//ptr is a pointer printf("%p\n",ptr);//prints address printf("%p\n",&a);//prints address printf("%d\n",*ptr);//prints 5 & returns the memory address of it's operand. when * is applied to pointer, the pointer can access the value stored at particular memory location


Pointer is a variable which hold the address of another variable


Which point address of pointed value


Think of a shared folder on a computer. If multiple users need access to that one folder from there own accounts. Having that shared folder allows them all to make changes. Same thing with pointers, they link multiple variables to one in the location of memory so that each can change the value of the original variable. Hopefully that makes since.✌


Or which store the address