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How do I get a web developer job as a beginner?

Web Developer

11/30/2018 11:51:09 AM

Kingsley Agbebaku

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Well, you do freelance until you become advanced or Pro, then you make a portfolio of everything you've done, and apply for a job. You can try places like, but only if your actually ready to devote your time to it. Cheers.


That's like asking us to read the minds of the wide variety of people that will be reviewing your applications and conducting your interviews. The only surefire way to get on someone's shortlist is to actively network. Or you can apply to a company that feels like they have something to prove with their statistics (i.e. "here are the number of college graduates with degrees in the field that we've hired so we can brag about that and because that's our minimum bar... and because we can").


You apply. Then you pass their interview(s). Loop this until someone extends you an offer. Accept the offer.


Thanks for the responses guys. I will devote more time to it. Is there a short certification that can help put me on that list for interviews?