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Is programming fun

I started to learn c++. Im a beginner. Will I enjoy it it? Did you? Is it really fun?

11/27/2018 8:18:56 PM

Son of Light

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Programming can be really fun !😆😆 By the way, welcome to SoloLearn (or at least to the C++ programming community) and just a little thing, you might want to make this a post as the Q&A section is reserved for programming related questions only or you could use the search bar for C++ related threads ; )


Yes. Plus why are you on here then? This app is supposed to make programming fun.


You are on a programming platform. Why do you ask this? Of course its fun!!! Im not sure if C++ is the right language for begginers (i would recommend you Python).


If programming is not fun, we can't learn programming!!