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Which programming language is the best for understanding SEO and digital marketing?

I am interested in digital marketing, but I am not familiar with programming. Right now I am learning HTML, but I am not sure that my choise is correct. Hope you will direct me and help me in my efforts to understand SEO.

1/7/2017 10:33:29 PM


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To answer your question directly, you don't need to learn a programming language in order to better understand SEO and digital marketing. However, as Harish says, HTML isn't a programming language per se, it's a markup language. Understanding HTML is important because it's the language of the rendering of webpages. Learn your SEO and digital marketing (DM) by finding a beginners guide from a reputable source like Moz for instance. When it mentions titles, descriptions, h tags and alt attributes, this is where your HTML knowledge comes into play. Immerse yourself in the world of DM by being in all the best places such as SERoundtable.com Additionally, understanding robots.txt, XML sitemaps, htaccess files and mod rewrite on Linux will give you a sound technical SEO footing. (I don't have much knowledge of how IIS handles 301s, so if that's where the sites are that you work on, you'll need that specific knowledge) The best language to learn is that in which you are presenting your content, so for me, a lifelong love of the English language, its synonyms, a passion and knowledge about the subject you are writing and SEOing content for are vital for success.


(just for completeness:html is not rly programming, it's more like designing, using LateX etc.) actually, if you have no idea of programming, it's almost of no importance which language you choose. its important to learn how programming works, why computers do what they do etc to become a good programmer/IT. as a starting language, python or java should be a good choice, tho as i said, basically all languages will provide a good basic for this kind of stuff. (but don't start with C. its an awesome and strong language but as well needs you to be aware of everything, thus not optimal for beginners). so, my answer: i have no idea what seo means or what it needs, but starting programming should be cool with python/java. if you want to do a lot with web jump over to SQL, php and javascript, those are common in that area. (having a bit knowledge of html and css helps here alot, but with them only you wont come far afaik)


learn html,css,php and js thats more than enough, then you can proceed to learn seo https://jobhuntzz.blogspot.com/p/seo.html