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How and where to study data structures?

Hi everyone, guys! 😊💻 Would any of you be kind enough to explain to me a good method and a good site to study the data structures well? I explain the part of the method better .. I have to write and rewrite the code to the point of nausea (as I am already doing) or are there theoretical parts that I have to investigate? 😊 Thanks a lot in advance to all the guys!

11/23/2018 11:01:14 AM


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+11 These sites might be very helpful for you to learn data structure!!


You're in luck my friend 😏 Check out the awesome book titled "Data Structures And Algorithms Using Python " Written by Rance D Necaise Or Data Structures And Algorithms With Python by Michael T Goodrich


Da2 Where can I find valid information on the Internet? can you tell me some particular site? 😊


Da2 OK Thanks 👍😊


Learn about control structures (constructs) first... Datastructs comes later... Constructs are the basic components of algorithms


AL Araf the geeks site is very valid! 👊👍😊


You can start your way from here:


D'lite I will buy it thanks for the advice! 👊😉


I think you can learn it on Its Simple


I guess your question relates to the CLIENT-SERVER concept. The internet has several layers. Read on the concept first, it's going to provide you some insights.



You can check them on internet In some of the free sources website