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Change in challenges

Sololearn needs to change the challenge system in the sense that if a person declines your challenge or the challenge expires, you should still be able to view the right answers, as i have often found myself really itching to see what the solutions to some questions were, but i never end up learning of them and therefore not knowing what i have done wrong.

11/21/2018 10:10:55 PM

Dave David

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Great idea. We can learn from our mistakes. That’s how we learn. πŸ˜‰


In viewing your answer it could be useful to add button something like "test code" and then it will open code in code editor


Sololearn provide good foundation in programming while challanges are merely to test what you learn. The REAL challenges are when you put all together in practice and become a good programmer.


To me happend to give correct answer but the results was incorrect many times?


I appreciate your idea!! I think it's badly needed for us!! And if there is an option for testing the code,(it might be in the "view correct answer" section) that will be great!! And if there is added lessons link with each answer of particular lessons, that might be good although it might not be possible for each question!!


HonFu, that's why i don't make challenge any more .....!


Zubair Khan / HonFu Ultimately, the challenge system could use an over haul altogether. The logic questions are more like brain teasers than anything that could be applicable to real world programming skills. It would be great for questions to be less mind bending and more variations supported to eliminate memorization.


Not a bad idea but it would be more suitable to use the Sololearn suggestion feature


I stopped playing the challenges a while ago because there was no more value to it. Eventually, you can't help but memorize the answers to the point where you know which answer is correct without looking at the question. Accessing the answers after each match may have a lot to do with this. Perhaps, the gamification would be better if there was an XP penalty for viewing which answers were incorrect and additional penalties for viewing the correct answers. The penalties would be small for lower levels and steeper for higher levels per language. This could even the playing field and make this more interesting for everyone - at least for a while longer. These are just my thoughts. Again, I'm not playing challenges any longer, nor do I plan on restarting. πŸ˜‰


Another revolutionary idea. Don't show answer at all. Just question and button "try code yourself in editor". In knowledge question quiz creator instead will need to put a link to relevant lesson about quizz.


I have felt the need of 'explaination' along with the right answers So as a beginner I am so confused to get the answers wrong for even obviously simple questions , and I want to know why am I wrong So people who are submitting the quizzes can also submit the explanation of it, at the time of submitting the quiz As I understood many of the SoloLearners are beginners .. and the very platform provides people like us to improve and enhance our knowledge And if the 'challenges' are intended to help in that, then 'explaination' of the correct answers is also important


Great idea!


That's a good idea


I agree to David Carroll as we need an overhaul, otherwise enabling answer display will open more possibilities to abuse the current XP system. For example, initiate challenge single-handedly to inactive users for collecting answers without worry as there's no trace in challenge history. πŸ˜’


HonFu LOL...I've always found it ironic how the language with the toughest riddle questions is touted for being the easiest to learn. P.S. I had never previously considered using Python for any serious application development. Those challenges only reinforced that position for me - personally. πŸ€“


As i m a beginner,i make mistakes but i don't know what are there solutions..ur idea is great


Maybe just should be less xp for challenges and more for other things including badges


TurtleShell didnt know about the suggestion feature, i will use it in the future then.


I think it was like that in the past. You could see your answers.


By becoming complicated, I was referring to the direction of this thread, not the implementation itself. πŸ˜‹ There are some rowdy spirits I see.