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APart from Abstraction, Encapsulation and Polymorphism, what are Association, Aggregation and Composition? I know we can get that info from the net but the thing I want to know is Why doesn't Sololearn tutorial not cover those concepts(the last three mentioned)? How to go ahead in Sololearn after the tutorials The lessons created by users do not provide questions and enough practice... There is no order to the learning...

11/21/2018 4:05:13 PM

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I think I will go with GeeksforGeeks THANKS!


You can practice on geeksforgeeks and codechef, codeforces etc


Ash They are websites or apps?


Websites Check them out there are a lot of them some are tough like topcoder Some are more for mathematical programs like project euler Try one and stick to them also you Can find a lot of submitted codes by others on practice problems if you are stuck and need help