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What pros has webassembly in front of javascript?

lately reading blogs note that in many places they talk about the web assembly as the javascript killer, so that it may be possible, taking into account the existing power in this language versus. Will this really be in the future of web programming for client-side scripting? I would like to know your opinions about it, greet the whole community!💪💥

11/21/2018 3:06:40 AM

Felipe Andrade [72ota1]

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Good question. WebAssembly can be used for low-level operations on the web. For example, Graphic editors, Browser games and so on It won't replace JS, cos it is absolutely another thing. For example, WASM is very slow for DOM interactions. To say shorter: 1) a huge amount of low level operations, for example DOOM – WebAssembly 2) complex operations with DOM – JavaScript