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Profile text?

I kinda feel like missing out the option to name a job/expertise/study/hobby/skill/fact/oneliner, or something else in the profile to share with the ones that visit your profile. A small bio description textbox on the profile could make it just that bit more special and personal :) But just really simple, no images no links, no 200 lines of enter etc. Only a small box max 7 lines and no more as 300 characters, or something like that. Now i guess the makers of this platform have probably already discussed this long before so i would love the hear what the ideas, possibilities and other reasons are on this subject!

11/19/2018 8:09:33 AM

Koen Rockstars

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Nice idea but if you have any suggestions for improvements you can send an email to [email protected] or just leave a feedback in the appstore ;)


Wow, guess what I found! 😁 Yours is much more specific though. I also think it would be fun. (Along with being able to filter the Activity Feed by own posts, but I digress...) I believe they will come around to it eventually. Don't lose faith. I mean, we have a messenger feature in the Android version now! An alternative could be to allow for a Code Playground project to be featured when your profile is pulled up. I could imagine that the code/project itself could contain bio info (no PII of course) and maybe a tour of your other Code Playground projects (e.g. pointing to which ones you're most proud of and the milestones each represented, etc.). Just some ideas.


The last version of sololearn supports that...


While yes for sure i could send an email, and that email would most probably be autoresponded on and then trashed right away. Thats just how it works nowadays doesnt it? So the reason why i put it in the community chat, was to see the public opinions about the idea. Its like a free indicator to see the users opinions :)