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Is it necessary to learn data structures

1. Where are they used ? 2. Can arrays and vectors be used to achieve the same result ? 3. Is it still relevant in today's programs ? 4. Is binary search tree an efficient way of searching ? 5. Why aren't data structures used by anyone here ?

11/18/2018 3:23:00 AM

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1. Data storage, organization and retrieval. 2. Depends on what language you are talking about, and what kind of data you plan to store / retrieve. Different memory management algorithms are deployed for different data structures. In many cases, they are interchangeable of both data structure provides the same base methods. 3. Of course, and it will always be. Are variables still relevant? Are loops still relevant? 4. Yes, but your data should be comparable, sorted. 5. I'm not sure where you are looking. Data structures are used everywhere.


I always told my friends: If you don't want to lesrn something new and if you are tired of learning about programming, that means it isn't for you.



Hatsy Rei I want to make a GUI application in c++, which library should I learn GTK or QT or something else


Data Structure is my next learning