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So I don’t get variables that well how can I use them?


11/17/2018 2:52:01 PM


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Variable is a data container for any program you have created Example int container=25; (int) is data container type (container) is data container have a value is 25 // Happy coding ;)


variables are called variables because their value can vary . 1,2,3,e,pi etc have some fixed values so are called constants variables can take value of multiple constants , example : int x = 1; //x is 1 x=2; //x is 2 now //U see how variable x changed from 1 to 2 , well that is the use of variable , we can change its value //we also have final variables which behave like a constant whose value can't be changed


variables are used to store information in a specific place... so when you use them, the computer knows where to retrieve that information. They can be used in various ways. think of a calculator... when you enter a number it is placed in a variable. then when you do a calculation. it will retrieve those numbers and calculate a result which is also stored in a variable :)


Variable is nothing but the symbolic name given to a memory location. The property of the variable is that it changes during the execution of program e.g)int abc=10; In this example a memory location named abc holds the value 10 The value at any memory location is accessed using the variable

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