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Good morning! Each time i code and when i am dealing with strings i face a problem for example when i initialize a string in this way: String[] say="Hello"; and in this way: String talk="Hello"; when i use for example the method say.equals(talk); i got an arror telling cannot convert from String[] to String.. So my question is that i want to know the difference between them Thank you in advance!

11/17/2018 2:21:33 PM


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String[] say; This is a String array, on the other hand; String talk; is a String variable, an array is like a matchbox, one matchbox contains many match sticks, a String array is a variable that can hold multiple references of String, an array can contain only values of the same type as the array. I don't know if you have got to the chapter covering about arrays, but if you did, I guess a review on the chapter couldn't hurt. Feel free to ask if you still feel like not getting it right : )




You want to know differences between String and string[]? So,I don’t know it for 100%,but into [] after string you could add some func or something.I hope this help😉


Ben i didn't get tje answer but thank you anyways


Oh,so sorry not professional english translator😶