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Bad input in Sololearn

Why is there such a bad and confusing input for non web programming languages in sololearn?! For eg: If I create a java program of multiple choice questions For giving the second answer, the user has to enter the first answer again and then on the next line the second one..... And so on. This confuses users and so discourages non web coders to create such codes. Why can't Sololearn improve the input like the one in eclipse or netbeans? (One of the reasons why non web codes rarely get any recognition in Sololearn)

11/16/2018 1:23:13 PM

Coding Niffler

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Like interactive ? Its too demanding because your code run in SL server that means SL needs to continously comunicating with your device. Theres so many code in SL and probably like hunderd run a code at sametime. So yeah if thats happen, we might be start paying to use this app. But why on the server ? Why not our device ? The compiler and interpreter size are usually too big, remember there are some people with med to low end device. With this option they wont be able to use SL. And another problem is, is there any compiler/interpreter for lamguage X that can run in your device (android/ios)