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Shouldn't we have QA sections for different topics?

The QA section gives us a platform to reach out to the people beyond our network. There are so many important questions and topics which we SoloLearners want to discuss but if we have a small network of followers it is not feasible to get the attention those topics need. For example: Posts like 'Code Advertising' , 'Challenge Storms' etc are something that people want but are flagged as [OFF-TOPIC] Yes I understand they are, and I respect the fact that QA section should be used as per the guidelines But then where else to go for other interesting discussions? (We are advised to post it on our home feed, but people may have very few followers and may have something very interesting to share)

11/15/2018 6:20:07 AM

Zubair Khan

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If you want a new feature, just ask them! Sololearn is always eager know how they can make things better! You can email them at [email protected] Or, in the app, click the three vertical dots on the top right corner, and select "Feedback". Personally, I think it would be cool if that feature is added. But I'd prioritize other things like addition of interesting lessons and programming languages, faster approval of submitted assignments, etc. I'm here only to "learn to code". And currently the problem with posting off-topic stuff like this one in the Q&A is that it delays us from reaching the users who actually need help with their coding-related issues. So yes, for now, if you want to discuss other things, please do so in your feed, the Discord channel, or via personal messages.


You can join the Discord channel to discuss other topics:


Kishalaya Saha thanks. Joined. But you see there are not more than 2k people and discord is a channel lying outside of SL ecosystem. So its a barrier again (kind of) I understand what I am suggesting here is a kind of new feature all together (like a discussion forum) But for the community this active, would love to engage more if they don't fear of their questions getting flagged as 'off topic'


Yes that perspective is also important at its place