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Functional programming tutorial in sololearn?

Every lesson in this app works with query or imperative languages. Would sololearn want some tutorial of a purely functional language, like haskell or so?

11/14/2018 12:24:03 PM

Bebida Roja

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I'd LOVE to learn Haskell! Let's all ask Sololearn to add it!


I think you can: - created lessons in Lesson Factory - e-mail Sololearn


Kishalaya Saha someday,we'll see haskell in our app,someday....


Like I say whenever this comes up: I could always use more Haskell programmers in my candidate pool. There are already similar (if not identical) questions posted, such as the one(s) above. You can find the answers using the search bar. Please help keep the quality of posts high in this section of the forum, SoloLearn servers uncluttered, and app latency low by reviewing the following: Be sure not to miss the link to the Community Guidelines toward the bottom of the article. Happy coding! P.S. Please see the following post for a humorous interpretation (but still an earnest plea).