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The filters properties are not working

Any value didn't make a change even in the examples

11/13/2018 4:20:08 PM

Mohamed A. Mahmoud

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Moha Mahmoud No, that's not true, it does work. Share what you have and people shall show you where you went wrong. {also specify the category, whether css, or somewhere else.}


Moha Mahmoud I didn't see your comment soon enough. I think it worked well for you having included the "-webkit-" as suggested by LST


Moha Mahmoud In your css,... there is something you have to add,.. some of these properties don't just work in every browser so to support them, you add a word (depending on the browser)before the property name.. Check this out::: .filtered { -webkit-filter: brightness(50%); }


Well Mark 🇺​🇬​ .. Here's the HTML code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Brightness </title> </head> <body> <img class="original" src=""> <img class="filtered" src=""> </body> </html> & Here's the css's one: .filtered { filter: brightness(50%); }