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Operating System

Has anyone yet tried to make any sort of operating system that works fine.?! If yes please share your experience and the langusge You used!

11/10/2018 7:34:12 AM


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However I've a link suitable for the question https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-A-Simple-Operating-System/


Very interesting topic. But to be sincere, its a very complexe project. When i was 16years old i wondered on how Microsoft windows and the android mobile OS were made, and i started reading a lot and that is what made me dive into programming 😀. As more as i was learning progranming, i understood how difficult it was to build such a software. Wikipedia said "Making an OS is the biggest project a group of engineers could ever undertake". And this is because you mostly deal directly with the hardware. So think twice before trying such a project. But what i can tell you is that major OS like Windows are made in languages like C, C++, and assembly. Hope I said something usefull and that I wasn't boring 😊


Developing a operating system alone isn't a simple thing !


this topic is interesting thank


Jamie Try to give a uniqueness to your OS in terms of design / or function and it will make people want to see what is your OS all about. 😉


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there is an open source project working on an os you could probably find them on github unfortunately i don't have a link to it good luck