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YouTube video

Can anyone help me get a YouTube video on my page please check my code and tell me what is wrong. <div class="section"> <h1><span>My Media</span></h1> <iframe height="150" width="300" src="" allowfullscreen frameborder="0"></iframe> </div>

11/9/2018 6:15:14 PM


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Thanks, that makes it easier. the format of the url is wrong. Try <iframe src="" allowfullscreen frameborder='0'> this works on my device . Take the url from the 'share' video, and put it in this format adding /embed/ hope this works.


Hey this sounds like a pretty easy fix, have you tried the search bar in the q&a section. Im pretty sure this has been asked before. Either way, you did not include your code in this can add it here by clicking the plus sign,at the bottom next to the send post icon.


Have you used Youtube's embed option? You can find it under the "share" tab. By default Youtube doesn't allow to be embeded


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