Can I use just HTML5 to create responsive page?

11/9/2018 11:28:31 AM


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Not completely. You need to add CSS and a litte magic of Java Script too


Yes why not you can create a very nice. .... Attractive page using html 5 ... Also if you use bootstrap It gives you page an more attractive look... Here a link where you learn it:--> https://www.sololearn.com/learn/1051/?ref=app Abdishakur by doing this you can create an attractive pages... You can take help from @domino..... She know how to make an attractive page...


Bootstrap is also a good choice https://www.sololearn.com/learn/1051/?ref=app


No, Yes, Bootstrap, Or HTML & CSS & JS


HTML and CSS. use CSS grid.


you can use animate tag in html 5 to build a simple animations but of course for professional animations you will need a little of css and JavaScript using jQuery library


You can use the css rules, but in general you have to use mediaqueries, coding with a javascript files. This allow you to set a width and height, max and min value for every devices. Responsive media queries work good only if you use the correct HTML rules.


Bootstrap is the answer to responsiveness


You can use HTML CSS and JavaScript.