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Python user input

Hey everyone, is there a way to make the Python emulator ask for input EXACTLY when needed (and not in the beginning of the run?) I use the app and not the website if it matters, and if there is no such option than let's make it (psssstdevelopers). It can be extremely useful - especially when multiple input are needed in different parts of the code - to make the codes here much better and more creative in many ways...

11/5/2018 12:38:13 AM

Yoni Simian

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Unfortunately, this is not possible for any language on SoloLearn, besides web development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS). The way it works does not allow for real-time input, and is one of the disadvantages to non-web codes on SoloLearn.


If you want better development you could use a different IDE for the job. Sololearn Code Playground isn't very, professional?


This question has been asked many times before. For example, Another related discussion to get around it: Please use the search bar before posting. Thanks! 😊