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Stack Overflow Q&A vs Sololearn’s Q&A?

I want you to think which Is the better Q&A, Since I don’t know I want you to reccomend Me On one of them. Thanks for the Feedback!😊😁😋

11/4/2018 9:05:44 PM

Potato Hacker

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Stack Overflow has almost all solutions to your problem. SoloLearn Q&A? Some questions were left unanswered because most of their problems were already solved on Stack Overflow. So if you've encountered any problem with your code, SO should be your first option to look for solution.


SO has much more professional and more helpful overall answers, but the questions usually have to be very specific. If you've just begun, I suggest the SL Q&A.


I think it takes some grit / bravery to post on StackOverflow. Be ready to have everyone immediately mark it as duplicate, even when it's not. In this way, SoloLearn is less intense, I think, to a (perhaps slight) degree. I would recommend submitting beginner questions here and intermediate/advanced questions there after you've had some practice creating proper questions.


If I cant find an answer then generally framing my question differently I always get my answers on Stackoverflow. Sololearn forum I use to stay updated with discussions from the people I follow. Every now and then they drop a new fact Bomb and I end up learning new things. I still need 50 points to like/dislike or comment in Stackoverflow. So I go to Stackoverflow usually when google takes me.


StackOverflow is a dedicated community for Q&A. It is part of a more general StackExchange. In addition it has been around for 10 years as of now, so you can say they have some very good moderation there. Sololearn is a bit newer, and this is not quite a Q&A platform. This means that all moderating is done by moderators who follow our community guidelines (note that although they are less experienced, some have been around way longer than myself). The difference in the communities and the guidelines is probably all that matters. Everything else is self explanatory


It depends on the situation. To gain URLs of study material, we can find them easily in Sololearn QA as there are a lot of useful programming threads here. When it comes to code algorithm problems, Stack Overflow has more than one solutions and suggestions. To put it in a nutshell, use both of Sololearn QA dan Stack Overflow😂


Don't even try to compare them!


thank u Janning⭐


If you need help with a code you wrote on SoloLearn, ask here, because people can directly edit and debug it. If you have a general question that has more than 1 answer (style questions, favourite languages,...), ask here, because those usually get closed on SO.


I think, in my opinion, developers use Stack overflow more than Solo learn. When I search something, i find it in Stackoverflow.


Morpheus One of the easiest way to raise the reputation point there is editing/formatting the OPs' questions and possibly polishing some halfass answers if any -- usually get answered by new contributors who don't familiar with the proper way of doing so. The edit reviewer are mostly neutral about what reputation the editors have and won't reject edits if they deserve to be accepted. By the time, beside the reputation you gain you also feel comfortable to make your move faster by participating in comment section of questions/answers and finally answering the questions that you find somehow easy to answer (add something new to other answers). Since the atmosphere is professional you subconsciously become professional and if you keep your activity steady there, pretty soon the final result comes to fruition.


I need a help to create a web server in python. Anyone can help me to to do that???? i need a code. but i can't take from internet.


Hadi Najafi , i think when i search on google for any solutions then google recommend me like w3schools, geeksforgeeks, javatpoint, etc. Like website and in the last any where stack overflow found. I don't know why ?


Stack Overflow (SO) has a robust Q&A community and standards. Almost everything is strictly managed and this helps to improve the overall experience and knowledge base by: i) minimizing duplicative questions; ii) enforcing good question practices to help narrow questions to their essential and understandable parts; and iii) the community flags and enforces the removal or closing of poor questions (i.e. opinion based q's, duplicative q's, q's where a simple google search would bring an answer) to cut down on clutter. While solo learn has a great board community, it doesn't have the same rigorous community standards or moderator presence. So, I'd say SO is really the better community for learning things. Solo Learn isn't bad, it's just not nearly as good as SO in my opinion.


that sûre, I know stack Overflow. thnk


Udara Guruge , please avoid hijacking threads that are not related to your question. Here's what searching turned up: