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An example of Artificial Intelligence

Can this code be said an example of Artificial Intelligence in JavaScript ?

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11/3/2018 3:08:57 PM


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blackwinter I'm working in that project


Today media and market give sensationalise what I.A really is. "Oh my solution is a I.A. solution so it's better because..." But in reality I.A is most simple way is just a study of techniques set to resolve problems. For example: I want to find between two cities which is the path if less cost. So if i use any greedy search, in others words, just choosing the path picking the best cost of adjacents cities. Is this a smart solution? Not so much. This can be called a I.A. solution? Of course. I'm not saying I.A. is simple. One objectives of I.A. still is make computer not only solve but learn how to solve a problem. So your solution can be considered I.A.? yeah. p.s.: Nice code.


A.I: Pretty sure it is a A.I. this is a great example of a A.I. A.I.’s Are cool, structury, and fun!(i think, May Not Be True😖) ps: Also like Anya said Amazing Code!