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Does it make sense to learn Kotlin with no prior Java experience?

I am beginner in this field. Now I am confused between java and kotlin. Which one should i learn first? Is learning kotlin worth it before java?

11/2/2018 7:48:19 PM

Shivam Pandey

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Depends on what you plan on doing with Kotlin. If you are heading towards Android development, learn Java first as most examples are in Java and the Java course is complete here and elsewhere. If you don't plan on Android, you should have one language understood before learning Kotlin as the courses are not the greatest so that language helps you understand things better. But, it doesn't need to be Java.


I don't like Java. C++ was my favorite language until Kotlin knocked it out after 33 years of holding that spot.


KrOW I haven't found any as yet. The best so far is: But, as a first language most would be lost. Too, much thrown at you, not enough explaination.


KrOW if there was a decent beginners course for Kotlin, I'd agree. But, the only full course I've seen assumes you are an existing programmer so having any language helps.


I think that learn C/C++ is always good but, how i said previouly its not necessary for learn another language... At end, why you want learn java/kotlin? For android development?


I dont know well kotlin but i know for sure that any language is indipendent from another one. Sure, some language can inherit syntax, keywords etc from another, but you can learn it without learn other one... At end: you can learn Kotlin without know java


John Wells Wait... You saying that dont there are good sources for learn Kotlin without previous programming knowlgments? I dont knowed that, but i will try to search for it


John Wells I searched and effectively seem that every resource assume previous programming knowldgments (almost ever java)... Some paid books describe they self "good for absolute beginner" but i dont know how much is true..... Really strange 😕😕😕


By the way i am learning C language right now so i think going for java would be the best choice after C. What y'all think?


Yes, I'm interested in becoming a android developer but my main target is to become full stack developer with some good knowledge in FL, BL and DL.