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Sololearn iOS updates

I was using the iPad app when I noticed how behind it is compared to the Android app. The last update is listed as 27 August. I can't see features like "whats on your mind" and there's definitely no messenger (although I support that ommission) Still I'm wondering, has Sololearn stopped updating it?

10/31/2018 7:15:17 PM


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Same here. I do something im all exited about. then i run it on the other device... and its back to editing.


Sololearn iOS was introduced much more recently that in Android, and I am assuming Sololearn devs are better in Android than iOS and hence need some tinkering time.


Its very far behind, i have an iphone and samsung tab. Ive noticed its not just limited to features, but also playground. alot of things like sound work differently or not at all. Hopefully they update soon, as my phone is what i primarily use.


xp nvdo I've also noticed playground. When I'm coding even if a code displays perfectly on my other 2 androids, I still have to spend hours trying to get it to display perfectly on iPad but still I can never get it right.


⏩ Prometheus ⏪ thanks for letting me know, i thought they were discontinuing iOS