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I learned programming but I can't code

I completed SoloLearn course and aother tutorials but I can't write a completed project by myself. I want to create an awesome project(s) in c/c++ but I can't. please help me!

10/30/2018 12:19:26 PM

Ahmed Mostafa

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Dear Ahmed Mostafa , don't worry my friend, we are here to help. First of all, I checked your profile, you have started different courses but the record reveals that you have not finished any one. This I count as reason 1. Number 2, you have javascript, but you do not have HTML, so you don't know how to display the results. I suggest you stop the other courses and start HTML, after that CSS, after that Javascript. Then, you can make spectacular web projects, after gaining confidence, you go into Python or other languages.


Pick something fun to code and then start writing code. if you forget something, refer to the lesson for help. Practice is the best way to learn to code! Look at other peoples codes and get ideas. But there is good news! you already have the biggest part down, ASKING QUESTONS! have fun and keep coding!


SoloLearn courses by themselves will likely not be enough to get a project done, if this is the first and only contact with coding that you've had. A couple very useful and simple things that I use all the time are not mentioned or explained in the Solo courses. To learn programming concepts in detail, what you can use them for and how, YouTube, Codecademy and W3schools, just to site a few, are your friends. That was for learning. Now that you've got knowledge, you know all these different concepts but have no idea which to use to do what you want, because you have all these options and become intimidated by them. It's only with practice and time that you'll develop confidence in your ability to use your knowledge effectively. Start out small, test with the concepts you know, play with them. Then you'll be able to start linking them together to create bigger and more complex things, and soon you'll have finished a project that you had no idea where to start before.


Trying youtube tutorials is a good way to begin.


At first try to write a code on the basic of each language!! You can take a project to create a code of making calculator or rock paper scissors etc. You have to practise more and more then you will get fun to create code and coding will be easy to you!! Happy coding!!😊😊😇😇 if you face any problem, don't hesitate to post your problem here!!


1.Lets try to understand the logic of the program what you want to do 2.write the code on the note or paper📝 3.implement some short code for experience with syntax 4.Apply your knowledge hope this help you:)


Take baby steps. Try a game of two armies facing off each other. You will use random seed, you will use iteration( decisions and loopings). You will set power levels for guns, grenades and so forth. Before coding use pseudo code, that is write the program on a flowchart. Try to put all these variables in bite size groups. You can also look for ideas on youtube. And finally, happy coding.


Practice makes a man perfect.


Practice the skills you've learned then on smaller projects. Then when you feel ready and confident You can Attempt a bigger project. Also I'd suggest using other resources than sololearn alone, maybe things like yt vids and code academy.


That was me during my freshmen year. I can't even finish a single task given to us, errors always appear. It's a shame I'm an IT student but can't code. But that's not a reason to leave this course because I believe that I can contribute something to this field. I started to read books, watch coding tutorials on YT and as I learned something, I immediately create a code related with what I learned. It's really clueless of which path to choose when you're just a beginner because there are tons of languages that you have to learn, actually it's not necessary to learn them all. Just choose wisely of which language you're more comfortable and find it helpful for your future projects. Never underestimate your self, have a determination to learn and practice yourself. Regarding with which project you should create, SoloLearners provides assignments everyday for us to master our skills AND always start with small projects, just think of a concept that would fit with what you learn. So good luck!!


Play a board game and read the rules. You'll start noticing "if/else" statements. Try to program a part of the game.


Same problem, one thing I've found particularly useful is to look for other codes, imitate them, see how they works and try to change something and see how that affects the code. And main thing, never skip one day of practice, even if it's just 15 minutes per day, keep your mind constantly exposed to coding and I'm sure you'll get very far. Good luck!


Ahmed Mostafa, if you want to be a web developer you can learn HTML, CSS, then Javascript or C# or Python, and if you want to be an android developer you can learn Java and if you want to code desktop programme you can learn C++ so you can follow these steps: 1- focus on one language and ignore the rest 2- start to learn math and algorithms, you can practice on https://www.hackerearth.com and testing yourself in http://codeforces.com 3- think twice and code once 4- don't ever give up Good Luck... we have the same name👍


I would suggest solving coding problems.Start with easy ones and practice daily.Try this website: https://projecteuler.net


If you can't code, still you can do Testing! : Software Testing :)


try designing a program on paper with pen. write down the logic steps withiut thinking of languages. go over and break down sime more into smaller steps. Get more paper and try to program your steps in paper Go iver unti satisfied. Depending on what language your using will let me guide you further.


Hello, I am also suffering from the same problem with c++. I believe, it is mainly due to focus shift. For instance, I want to improve myself for the web first and currently busy learning js. Also, there is study pressure, scoring good marks. So, this barely allows time for c++. Also, even in school, more pressure is given to the theory which I think is a very bad practice. You can definitely learn the theory material in days, weeks or even months. But, you will soon forget everything, thus, resulting in the same frustration cycle once again. On the other hand practical develops a habit which is very beneficial for a good future in programming almost anything. The Bottom Line: Use theory and practical hand in hand, Implement the knowledge into a program. And always go for projects. Even as mini as a basic calculator. If you like my thoughts, please upvote. And please give your suggestions or advice as well. "We cannot change anything in one day, but this one day can bring change."


It's same like you know writing, you know grammar, but you can't write a good essay or a good poem. Programming is a tool, you need the reason first. After you get a problem to solve, use each and every thing you've learnt.


Ahmed Mostafa first learn HTML and CSS these two technologies are doorway to programming, try to build simple websites like changing your CV to HTML page, google any problem you encounter or seek help from forums, when you feel comfortible with HTML and CSS, then start any other programming language you are interested in, best choice would be JavaScript and so on.... Programming is not friendly at first encounter so be patient and force your self to practise more and more then you will enjoy coding


a good way to start off is by creating simple programs such as listing odd numbers and even numbers,creating a form with names and other details, then take baby steps to more complex projects ,practise is key, cheers,