Is any WhatsApp group relating Sololearn activities where we can contact each other ask for help and give the answers or sharing

whatsApp SoloLearn group

10/29/2018 6:14:33 AM

Florin Belaj

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shubham, Where is that messenger?


Yeah it's great SoloLearn messenger with new updates


I couldn't find that. Let's try.


You can use messenger to take help others. In updated solo learn . Happy Learning.


There is Discord server, not WhatsApp group😊 https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/689391/?ref=app


Florim Belaj 1)update the app(android) 2)open notification tab 3)open messages 4)enjoy😃


I love that message feature. Sololearn is much better than whatsapp


Make whatsapp group please