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Fronz-Tec's new code: have funny quotes of Fronz-Tec. I find the quotes weird. What do you think? Like this quotes: Why are my keys in the pockets of this dead guy? -That Fronz Back to the Roots, because the rest of the tree is burned down. -Fronz-Tec

1/5/2017 2:41:12 PM

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My favourite quote is: Perhaps no one died from the results of the Debugging Simulator. -Debugging Simulator 2016 :)


unfortunately Debugging Simulator crashes on my mobile ~_~ -Valen-


We believe that nobody ever died during the use of our products. -Fronz-Tec


I like to slaughter puppies.. I mean, I like to give puppies a new home. -That Fronz


Why you should buy this game? The question is not 'why', it's 'why not'! -Fronz-Tec


The biggest lost of your life can also be a small thing. -Fronz-Tec


If you start the game, it may happen, that the FBI is chasing you. We don't know why. -Debugging Simulator 2016


We would be very happy if you could send us what you've been through 'coincidence', after you have started Debugging Simulator, so we know for what you can not blame us. -Debugging Simulator 2016


The codes by Fronz-Tec are like factories who produces Memes.


The game is not yet complete, so I understand. -Bootleg Simultor


Is it a crime to change the world to the better? Even if you need to kill someone for this? -Fronz-Tec


This quotes are weird....


Not forget this quote: If the whole family dying within 3 days, this is purely exclusive and related to Debugging-Simulator. -Bootleg Simultor


Who is Fronz tec?