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How to make a dark theme for an existing C# .net application?

I've an existing Windows Form application and want to convert it to a dark theme. Themes don't have to be selectable, it's fine it the whole thing is dark all the time. For some reason I didn't manage to make it completely dark when I tired to change the colors manually. Some things still have been all the time in the light theme and the whole app looked quite crappy... Any ideas how to make C# .net application dark themed are very welcome.

10/27/2018 9:55:54 AM


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Asgar Ali That's a link to the webpage of Movie File Merger (the application I tried to change to the black theme). If I remember right the main problem has been the ComboBox elements... I just could change it partly to the black theme. After trying for some time I gave up for many months, but I guess I'll make the next try sometime this year... 🤓


Marshmello 🎵 Good idea, but it's not that simple... I wish it would be... 😉 and actually it should be... 😎


Asgar Ali Yes I did and I managed to make a lot of things black or dark but the result looked quite bad, because I just couldn't change everything. 😖 So I had to change back to the light theme again. I really love the black theme and hate the light themes... 😉


See if this link is of any help to you. Here is another link


Did you set the back color property of the form?


Just couldn't change everything What didn't change? How many controls do you have on the form?