How to make a dark theme for an existing C# .net application?

I've an existing Windows Form application and want to convert it to a dark theme. Themes don't have to be selectable, it's fine it the whole thing is dark all the time. For some reason I didn't manage to make it completely dark when I tired to change the colors manually. Some things still have been all the time in the light theme and the whole app looked quite crappy... Any ideas how to make C# .net application dark themed are very welcome.

10/27/2018 9:55:54 AM


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Asgar Ali That's a link to the webpage of Movie File Merger (the application I tried to change to the black theme). https://movie-file-merger.org If I remember right the main problem has been the ComboBox elements... I just could change it partly to the black theme. After trying for some time I gave up for many months, but I guess I'll make the next try sometime this year... 🤓


Marshmello 🎵 Good idea, but it's not that simple... I wish it would be... 😉 and actually it should be... 😎


Asgar Ali Yes I did and I managed to make a lot of things black or dark but the result looked quite bad, because I just couldn't change everything. 😖 So I had to change back to the light theme again. I really love the black theme and hate the light themes... 😉


See if this link is of any help to you. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24475812/override-drawitem-of-combobox Here is another link https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/jfoscoding/2005/08/26/combobox-ownerdraw-in-5-minutes/


Did you set the back color property of the form?


Just couldn't change everything What didn't change? How many controls do you have on the form?