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Challenge Questions?

Why are the challenge questions so vastly different from the information taught in the courses? Is there additional material on SoloLearn that covers subjects that are brought up in the Challenges, or is it all self-learning, searching?

10/17/2018 7:30:13 PM

Rhett Martens

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Quizzes in the course are related to the course. So there is no question there, there couldn't be a quiz that is not covered by the course. What about the Play section, the quizzes there are created by the community and may contain a wide range of quizzes of different levels of difficulty. It is really useful to learn the course completely then go to practice at the Play section, there might be quizzes that are not covered in the course and it will help you to go forward and research or ask the community and learn and learn and learn until you become an outstanding professional.


I also faced the problem at first, actually It seemed to me! But when I advanced a little bit from beginner , it seemed to me that all are related to Course!! I think when we start a course,we don't learn properly!! We feel excited to complete the course quickly!! That's why we couldn't learn properly!! But I think there is no additional materials on SoloLearn!! The quiz creators are advanced so they try to add some additional info as questions!! And I recommend you that should not depend on SoloLearn's course only!! You should go for better resources after completing the courses of SoloLearn!!


Yeah, i think it's nice so you'll be able to widen your knowledge at least to some extent


The courses at Sololearn teach you the basics, a sketchy outline of every area, but after that there is still so much to learn! Challenges can help with that. You see the problem, think you know the answer - but surprisingly you're wrong. What's going on? Actually you're starting to see beyond the basics a bit and observe code in its natural environment where things get a bit messy compared to the course. By figuring out these riddles, you add piece by piece to the outline in your mind.


Yes, there are some things in challenges not covered in courses, but you can learn a lot from these questions and if you don't understand it, you can look it up on the internet


Yeah for example in JavaScript challenge I found console.log() which, as far as I remember, I don't think is mentioned in the course section (correct me if I'm wrong)


Which courses are you doing? The ones I've done have had related challenge questions.


This may be a poor example, but I recently completed the PHP training, and then started in on the challenges. I hand wrote all of the material from the course because I learn best once I’ve written it. A function like “ignore_repeated_errors” is not something I recall the course covering at all, but it shows up in the challenges. is there ways to expand on the information using sololearn?


vardanator agree with you. I hope also have that kind of section