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I'm Making a Gaming Engine

hey! good morning, yesterday I decided to create a simple yet ease gaming engine for HTMl, I will need about 2 weeks to finish, if i do finish it, would you guys like to try it? if not, ill drop it here. if you wish some screenshots or details please ask away. few notes* it saves all data and Vars to cookies, it can have GUI of developement.

10/13/2018 11:28:25 AM

Joey War

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Yoelvís B. Guerra I saw your game on Google Play and it's fun. I'm just curious what language you used on that game. :)


Yoelvís B. Guerra Very nice to hear that! Keep it up! :)


This would fit perfectly in your post section, since it's not really a question but I wish you good luck creating your game 👍👍


Domino hey! i just spent this whole sunday coding, 14 hours straight! im grinding on a Javascript game engine! its almost ready for beta, also i coded all of my google play games with Java 😉


sorry! i had not idea :x


Two questions - What's the name of the game?? (and) What all languages did you use?


How you make it bro what ia the lang you used to make it