Can anyone advise me on how to become a Python master being in 10th grade?

I require some tips on how can I do so.

10/12/2018 2:56:39 PM

Juhi Pathak

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One eye on books one eye on coding of masters Ten reasons why u want to be a master as a postit on your monitor practice as practice can always a "why" on your lips a hard project of your heart: With project description as postit on your monitor (game or AI ....)


In addition to writing your own programs, read every program you see. Make sure you know what it is doing and think about ways you might improve it. Almost every program has a few spots that the programmer did it the long way. Sometimes it is intentional, but a lot of times it was because they were focused on something else. Even beginners have awesome design ideas that can teach us experts something new.


Juhi Pathak Sololearn tutorials are great also you may wanna read those books of class 11th I guess Sumitra Arora is the author or NCERT would do Codecademy is good as well You can code bots on Discord Thats all I did even I had C++ in my syllabus


thanks a tonne Fire Feathers and John Wells


thank u Oma Falk


If you really want to be a pro I suggest you to be a part of an open source project


Thanks Daniele Bonomi. I m a student of 10th grade n all I study in my school now in advanced HTML. I m studying Python on my own as it is in my course next year. So can u plz tell me more on how can I do it on my own?


Read tutorials, practice, analyze other's codes, practice, try all new feature of the lenguage, practice, start a big project (game, app,..), practice, get into a language forum or community, practice, practice, practice, ...